Why should I use Love My Local?

In these unprecedented time, ordering online is a must. If you don't already have a website, Love My Local is the free and easy way to make sure you can keep serving your customers.

What's the difference between Love My Local and Deliveroo, UberEats and others?

Love My Local lets you have a direct relationship with your customers, and doesn't prevent you from signing up with these other companies if you want to.

Can I be on Deliveroo, UberEats and others and also be on Love My Local?

Yes. As more and more customers order online, it's important for you to be easily found online; Love My Local gives you one more way to reach your customers.

Why have you created this free platform, when others charge me?

Love My Local is created in order to support local restaurants, pubs and cafes in surviving the Coronavirus Crisis. A fundamental element of Love My Local is community spirit: we want the community that you love to continue to thrive. It's free to set up your personalised website, but if you choose to accept payments online from customers, card transaction fees will apply (please see the “ Taking Payment Online” section for more details).


How do I get on Love My Local?

Register here and use our online forms to easily build up your online menu.

How do I build my website?

Should you need tips, we've got’em! We will help you along--from completing general business details, setting up menus and offers, registering payment gateway, activating order management system and starting your loyalty program.

What will I need to provide to register my venue on Love My Local?

There is no fee; Love My Local is free. You'll just need your business name and address, and your contact details. But, please note, if you choose to accept payments online, via Love My Local, card transaction fees will apply


Do I need technical skills to use the website?

No. You can manage all the operations without any technical skills. All you need is a mobile, tablet or computer.

Do I need any special hardware to use Love My Local?

No. You can manage all the operations without any special hardware. All you need is a mobile, tablet or computer. If you're a larger venue, we do recommend using a printer for your orders though. For more about printers, click here.

How long will it take for me to build my website and get started?

Registration takes a minute or so. Building up your online menu will take a longer depending on the size of your menu.

How can I, as a customer, remove or delete my account?

Please send us an email confirming that you want your account removed and we will do it for you.


How much does it cost to use Love My Local?

The Go Digital Plan is free in 2020, until 31 Dec (but, if you choose to take payment through Love My Local, there is a card transaction fees; see the “Taking Payment Online” section below for more details. The Go Digital plan allows you to have a website, take orders online and build a customer loyalty program. The Safe Serve Plan costs £59 per month, per outlet. But, it’s free for qualifying Carlsberg customers. For more details on plans and subscriptions, click here.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. There is the cost of the plan plus the card transaction fee (see the “Taking Payment Online” section for more details).

How do I qualify for the Safe Serve Plan? How do I know if I’m a “qualifying Carlsberg customer”?

You qualify to get the Safe Serve Plan for free if you stock three draught beers plus one of our alcohol free beers (see terms and conditions). Call us at 0800 085 4646 to see if you qualify.

Can I change or cancel my plan?

As your business needs change, you can add or cancel your plan at any time.

Do I keep my existing site when I change plans?

Yes. When you change your plan you’ll simply unlock (or unlock) the new features; you won’t need to start again.

Do I need to give credit card details to set up?

No, if you want to start with the Go Digital Plan then we don’t need any card details. We only need them for payment plans for Safe Serving Plan.


Can I use my existing card payment systems?

Yes and No. You can use your existing payment system but customers will not be able to use it on Love My Local. In other words, they will be able to place the order on Love My Local and, then, they will have to pay using your card machine.

What's the transaction fee on Stripe?

The standard Stripe associated rates are 1.4% + 20p for the UK

How does Stripe work?

Stripe is a leading online payment solution for businesses. Once you create your Stripe account you can connect it to Love My Local.

Is there a cost to set up Stripe?

No, it’s free to set up.

Can I use any other online payment solution?

No. At this time we only support Stripe.


How can customers order?

Customers order via your Love My Local website using their own mobile, tablet or computer. They do not have to download an app.

Does Love My Local offer table ordering?

Yes, it’s a feature you can have as part of the Safe Serve Plan.

Can customers order for home delivery or click & collect?


Who handles the delivery?

There are three options.

  • If you offer Click & Collect option, your customers will pick it up at our place
  • If you have your own delivery guys, we can have them deliver to your customers
  • If you are in some UK cities, you can use Stuart to do the delivery.
You can offer Click & Collect and home delivery at the same time.

Are there fees for online orders or delivery?

Not from Love My Local. By the way, if you want, you can choose to add fees for your delivery services. You are in control.

Are there licensing requirements to sell alcohol and food online?

Yes. You must ensure that you have all the necessary licenses, permits, conditions and consents to sell alcohol and other products online. Please take all necessary steps to confirm you have the correct materials in place, including checking your premises licence permits retail sale of alcohol for consumption off the premises and notifying your local authority that you are operating an online distribution service. Your local authority and the Food Standards Agency may also be able to advise you on any health and safety requirements for the preparation and delivery of food for consumption off the premises. Licensed premises remain responsible for ensuring that alcohol is only collected by or delivered to those who are above the legal drinking age. Consider operating “Challenge 25” and checking a valid form of photo identification in each instance.

How do I receive payment from customers?

You have three choices. You can take customer payments

  • over the phone,
  • at your premises (using your existing card machine), or
  • online, on Love My Local, using the Stripe—if you choose to accept payments from customers online, card transaction fees will apply (please see the “Taking Payment Online” section for more details).
Please note that the online payment solution is required to let customers buy vouchers or make donations to you.

Learn how to Take online orders, setup Safe serve and arrange your ecommerce